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Had Korean chicken wing and burrata and prosciutto salad for starter. The Chicken wing was crispy outside and juicy inside. I can taste hint of delicious Korean flavour from the chicken wing. Bulgogi spaghetti was also god. I enjoyed the texture of the nicely cooked spaghetti. Having a speciality spaghetti felt so good. It certainly gives you a special experience. They certainly made my night special.

- Abby R on google

These guys have done an amazing job creating a fantastic Korean Italian fusion menu that showcases the best of both cuisines. The bulgogi pasta and pizza are stunning. The actual dough is so fluffy and soft! The Korean fried chicken is crunchy and not oily. The cheesy garlic bread is so moreish. Even their drinks (korean rum cocktail!) Is good.

- Meow on google

The Village Social has a well deserved reputation for providing guests with delicious meals served to them by friendly staff. The Korean dishes are particularly flavoursome and always a great option. The chef and owner, Dennis has planned an interesting and varied menu.
- Lyn Greer on google

We are so lucky to have this restaurant on our doorstep in Mount Claremont. I am addicted to the wild mushroom risotto and pasta dishes but am now slowly trying the delicious Korean additions. Dennis is an excellent chef and together with Rhea his delightful wife, you could not wish for a more charming couple to host your evening. Weds is BYO and you may need to book if you want to eat early but trust me any day is worth a visit here 

Nikki Davies on google

"What a wonderful find! We needed somewhere to have a quick bite to eat before graduation at HBF stadium. The food was wonderful, delicious pizza dough, scrumptious pasta and top-notch service. Will go out of my way to eat here again. Bravo 👏" Elisha on Google pizza review

The food is authentic and the service outstanding. Thank you for asking for feedback - we struggled to find fault with anything! 

- Leigh Michel on google

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