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Pizza Fresca, and Meat Lovers Pizza was fantasticly delicious! Their Korean signature dessert was magnificent, with a Tea to accent each of the special treats!
Staff was very friendly. Service was perfect!
Vegetarian options: Vegetarian. Vegan. GF options
Kid-friendliness: Servers were very kind and interactive!

- Jill Garbutt on google

These guys have done an amazing job creating a fantastic Korean Italian fusion menu that showcases the best of both cuisines. The bulgogi pasta and pizza are stunning. The actual dough is so fluffy and soft! The Korean fried chicken is crunchy and not oily. The cheesy garlic bread is so moreish. Even their drinks (korean rum cocktail!) Is good.

- Meow on google

The best Korean food, the best chicken wings, the best pasta & pizza in Perth.
Always friendly & professional, always listening to food ideas or suggestions, every new friend(S) we take there, rave about the quality & taste & keep coming back.
Do yourself a favour, book in now & taste the food.
Vegetarian options: All very tasty & satisfying.
- Paul Walsh on google

paul walsh.jpg

One of our favourite restaurants in Perth! We love going to the Korean Tasting nights, and highly recommend getting a table booked if you want to try Korean/western fusion. The food is delicious, really high quality and we always leave very full!
There are plenty of options on the everyday menu to keep everyone happy. The owners and staff are lovely, always a very warm welcome and great service. A place we highly recommend visiting!

- Caitlin Quinlan on google

"What a wonderful find! We needed somewhere to have a quick bite to eat before graduation at HBF stadium. The food was wonderful, delicious pizza dough, scrumptious pasta and top-notch service. Will go out of my way to eat here again. Bravo 👏" Elisha on Google pizza review

The food is authentic and the service outstanding. Thank you for asking for feedback - we struggled to find fault with anything! 

- Leigh Michel on google

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