About Us

As you may well have guessed, we love our food, and especially pizza!

Though not just any pizza, our dough is born 48 hours before baking and is a pretty unique, thin-crust, and chewy base that is baked on stone ovens giving an authentic yet traditional pizza taste. Aromas fill the kitchen and restaurant, inspiring the chefs, those aromas drift through to the shop to tease as you wait for yours.

Covid 19 saw us develop a pre-cooked take-home menu, with chefs  cooking new dishes every week for you to enjoy at home. These dishes are still available, cooked fresh and in our kitchens weekly


July 2020 has seen us grow into a restaurant with a traditional Italian menu to complement our pizza.

October 2020 saw our full bar renovation completed and we have now launched our small bar. Gage Roads is our tap supplier of choice with Single Fin taking the prime position as our main beer, of course, we have an extensive wine list. We offer BYO options Wednesday & Thursday evenings 

We look forward to serving you in our restaurant soon!