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We are a small venue in Mount Claremont
– run by an Owner Chef from Korea and his crews from all over the world– 

We care about you and our food.

Chef Yoon, choosing to offer an express Korean&Oz fusion cuisine on MENU

and various CHEF'S SPECIAL every week,

decided to face the difficulty of finding the best ingredients

from the locals day by day. 


Yes, that is our secret:

Honesty and transparency. 

We are full of love, and we truly believe that is evident in every mouthful.

While Village Social team sculpts and paints its tasting masterpieces,

you must rediscover the banquet as an opportunity for dialogue with oriental staples, sharing time and precious thoughts.

Let's be social with us tonight!


Don't miss out 

Upcoming events,

Chef's Special,

New menu

Join us today!


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